UF Whitepaper Introduction

Welcome to the central hub for UF documentation. Here you will find content that describes and supports the features that are live on UF ecosystem.

This includes explainers, information on all the core components of UF ecosystem, details of how it was designed and its architecture, how the UFC  price  and halving algorithm works, explanations of the  monetary policy, release notes, a glossary of terms, as well as community resources.


UFC Explained.

United Family Coin is the first and true decentralized abundance based cryptocurrency backed by a stable market cryptocurrency, United Family Dollar (UFD) which is paired to a dollar. It would be agreed by all members that the coin will never go down in value (membership agreement). The rate of increase is directly proportional to the amount of users or investors joining the community.

UFC is here to solve problem of price manipulation, market based cryptocurrency undergo causing investors to lose money either over a certain period of time or most time losing it completely. This price manipulation is caused by whales and financial institutions; we can say market based cryptocurrency is not completely decentralized it is being controlled by individuals with large quantity of the coin just as in the stock market.



The idea of United Family Coin scheme is based on the idea that it is an abundance coin with value driven by the total number of people joining the community. United family coin aims to revolutionize the global financial system in order to take back the financial autonomy from financial institution back to the people.

There is no doubt that this centralization has led to the creation of massive amounts of wealth, especially to those properly connected to the financial system. However, the same centralization has also arguably contributed to many global challenges and risks we face today.

Below is a Link to Download the complete UF Whitepaper:

Download UF Whitepaper

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