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World's First Hybrid Cryptocurrency

Fully Decentralized Money

Will Never Drop. It Only Goes Up!

  • UFC Current Price

    1 UFC = $116.5

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United Family is a private economical community of people bound by a common agreement to buy, sell and altogether accept "United Family Coin" as our own Currency!

United Family Coin is the World's First Hybrid Cryptocurrency designed to never fall in value unlike other coins/currencies currently in existence, making UFC the most suitable form of value and digital currency to be used for our everyday economical activities.

United Family Coin

  • Steady Appreciation

    No fear of pump (rise) & dump (crash) by whales or traders.

  • Global

    Send money anywhere in the world without restriction.

  • Immutable

    Fully decentralized, so your money is secure and unalterable

  • Useful

    UFCoins can be used to purchase or pay for anything.

United Family Dollar (UFD)

Stable Market Coin of the United Family Community Pegged to a Dollar.

Family Token (FMT)

Native marketing token of the United Family Community for all its utilities and features.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Getting started & becoming a part of this community is very easy and fast, just follow the steps below:

  • Create a UF Wallet
  • Buy UFCoins into your wallet or start accepting UFC as payment for your business
  • Tell everyone around you about UFC: Remember as our community grows it gets stronger
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How is it possible for a Cryptocurrency to never fall? - The Law Of Abundance

First of all why do coins Fall? Do they really have to fall? Is there a spiritual force that acts on these commodities that make them rise & fall in value? The answer simply is No! They just follow the Law they were built on - The Law of Demand and Supply.

United Family Coin is built on a different law which makes it natural for it to never fall and thats the Law of Abundance. The Law of Abundance is the game changer but its not new, infact it is as old as man! Metals don't fly becuase of the Law of Gravity but when you introduce a new law (The Law of Aerodynamics) aeroplanes fly!

It's easy to understand just take your time to go through all our presentation videos & articles starting from this video and you'll surely get the concept!

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