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United-Family is a Non-Governmental Initiative that aims to bring the world together to help one another through a combined teamfunding effort. As stated according to worldbank.org the level of poverty keeps increasing as the year go by, the global extreme poverty rate keeps increasing and by analysis shows that about 689 million people are living on less than $1.90 per day.
We at United-Family have seen the big problem if we allow things to keep getting this bad, therefore it has become unanimous for us to bring economical experts to find a solution to the increasing level of Global Poverty.

United-Family.Org creates an enviroment where people could work together to make positive changes in their life and family financially for themselves and their generations to come!

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Package 1

Referral Earning: $2
Rank 4: $128
Package 2

Referral Earning: $5
Rank 4: $320
Package 3

Referral Earning: $10
Rank 4: $640
Package 4

Referral Earning: $20
Rank 4: $1280
Package 5

Referral Earning: $35
Rank 4: $2,240
Package 6

Referral Earning: $50
Rank 4: $3,200


Every new member that joins the United-Family Organization and pays into any of our packages automatically enters into Rank 1. Money is then distributed in the family as thus:

His direct upline (In Rank 2) gets 5% of the amount of whatever package he joins, his second upline (In Rank 3) too gets 5% of the amount of the package he paid for, then the head of the family (In Rank 4) gets 80% of that amount depending on the chosen package.

The Last 10% goes to whoever referred this new member to the family.



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Frequently Asked Questions

United-Family is a Non-Governmental Initiative that aims to bring the world together to help one another through a combined teamfunding effort. Read More in Our About Section
Yes, you get 10% of whatever amount anyone that uses your referral link joins with. You're definitely being rewarded for joining to grow the united-Family.
The minimum amount is $20 and the maximum amount is $500 which earns you $134 and $3,350 respectively only in one Cycle.
United-Family has decided to work with the Tron Cryptocurrency, first all using a Cryptocurrency as a form of payment makes it possible for people to join United-Family from all over the world and the Tron Cryptocurrency have very low fees which makes it perfect. However the two most popular cryptocurrency in the coin market Bitcoin and Ethereum are also being accepted as optional form of payment.
United-Family is a fully online based organisation and thus can be accessed from anywhere and any country in the world.
Deposits are confirmed automatically by the system immediately your payment is confirmed by the blockchain which takes an avarage time of 10-15mins.
The Head of the Family also regarded as Rank 4 is the Top Person in every family tree and he's entitled to 80% (the highest percentage).
Yeah, because of the massive spillover system already put in place where everyone in the family helps each other to grow, referral is not a must for you to earn on United-Family, you can earn without referring anyone, however everyone is advised to bring in at least 2 people each for the speedy movement of every family tree.
Immediately after you complete Rank 4 you're automatically recycled back into the system into thesame family, without having to pay a dime from your pocket anymore but money earned in the system. Awesome Right? Yeah!.
Go ahead and send a message to our support at support@united-family.org or join our Official Telegram Group for quicker replies from the family.

Email: support@united-family.org
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